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Farah Innocent, locticienne à Montréal- L'ABC des locs - Sisterlocs

Farah Innocent, loctician in Montreal

Although she has been hairstyling from a young age, Farah vowed to become a hairdresser on her 21st birthday, 10 years ago, and embarked on this journey full time.

As a hairstylist specializing in natural hair, Farah did it all: retwists, braids, tikouris, extensions, twists, and more. Over the years, she developed a passion for locs and realized a lack of resources and references in the locs industry in Montreal.

She founded L’ABC des Locs in 2019, a salon specializing in locs in order to give this hairstyle, which for her is so practical, versatile and liberating, the love and recognition it deserves.

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Farah Innocent et amis, locticienne à Montréal- L'ABC des locs - Microlocs et sisterlocs

“The world of locs is large. There is something for every taste. It should be natural for us to try locs. Moreover, if the majority of us have had done perm, they could lock their hair, because everything we are looking for in straight hair or in protective hairstyles,

can also be found in locs."

Farah Innocent

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