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Where your Locs find their Essence!

The ABC of Locs awaits you!

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Personalized Care
Personalized Beauty
Your Locs,
Our Priority

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An oasis dedicated to the timeless art of the Locs. Our story begins with Farah, a passionate hairstylist who vowed to dedicate her life to enhancing the natural beauty of hair.

Since a young age, Farah has been fascinated by the art of hairdressing. However, it wasn't until she was 21 that she vowed to become a professional hairdresser. 4 years ago, she launched L'ABC des Locs, a company built on the foundation of love, passion, and respect for Locs.

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Our knowledgeable team ensures that each service is a masterpiece, showcasing the artistry of your hair.

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Enter our exclusive haven where your hair is transformed into a canvas of beauty.

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Varied services, from traditional Locs to complex Microlocs, meeting your preferences with precision and creativity


Explore the expertise of L’ABC des Locs!

Explore the expertise of L’ABC des Locs!

You will find with us a range of complete services to start your rentals and to take care of your rentals whether they are free form, semi free form, traditional or microlocs.