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The ABC of Locs
looking to expand
his team!

Are you looking for a job in the natural hair field, specifically in the locs world? The ABC of locs is here for you.

Available Positions

Loc Retouch Technician

The Loc Retouching technician specializes in all retouching techniques. The retwist, The interlock, The tightening of microlocs and needlework.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

Specialist in traditional rentals

The Loctician specialized in traditional locs is available to carry out all the installation and touch-ups of traditional locs. Locs installation
Traditional are coils, vanillas and instant locs. Alterations are retwist, interlock, and needlework.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

Master Loctician

Master locticians perform all loc application techniques and all loc touch-up techniques.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

Vanilla technician

The vanilla technician specializes in the installation of traditional vanilla locs and microlocs.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

Specialist in Microlocs

The Microlocs specialist is available to perform microlocs starts in vanilla and micro interlocking. He also tightens microlocs.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

Hairdresser specializing in natural hair

Hair care, can provide various hair services such as vanillas, coils, ti-kouris, treatments and/or others.

$15.50 to $25 / hour

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