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L’Abc des Locs is looking to hire!


Are you looking to build a career in the natural hair world, more precisely the loc world, l”abc des Locs is here for you. 

Join Our team

Loc maintenance Technician

Specializes in all the loc maintenance techniques which are the retwist, interlocking, microlocs retightenings and needlework.(15,50 à 25,00$)

Traditional Loc Specialist

Can start traditional locs and can maintain them. The techniques to start traditional locs are coils, 2 strand twists and instant locks. The loc maintenance techniques are the retwists, interlocking and needle work. (15,50$ à 35,00$/heure)

Master locticians

Can perform every loc technique. (15,50$ to 35$ / heures)

2 strand Twist technician

This technician only does 2 strand twists but both traditional locs and microlocs. (15,50$ à 25,00$)

Microloc Specialist

This loctician is available to offer both microlocs made in twists and microlocs made with the micro interlocking technique. Also does microlocs retightenings. (15,50$ à 35,00$/heure)

Natural hair stylist

Can perform 2, strand twists, cornrows, braids, treatments and natural hairtyles. (15,50$ à 35,00$/heure)

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